Mobile dehumidification systems

Portable desiccant dehumidifiers for specific tasks

Engineered for efficiency, built to last.

Our range of temporary & rental dehumidifiers

Our standard range desiccant dehumidifier systems are also available to be supplied in a robust transportation frame. Ideal for both rental companies and for companies requiring portable desiccant dehumidifiers for specific tasks, for example tank refurbishment works.

DT MDC5000 Desiccant-Dehumidifier
DT MDC5000 Desiccant-Dehumidifier

Stackable large industrial desiccant dehumidifiers

With space being at a premium, we offer our large series industrial desiccant dehumidification systems in a stackable rental frame. The robust frames feature both forklift guides and lifting eyes to allow ease of transportation and lifting.

DT MDC450 Rental Dehumidifier
DT MDC450 Rental Dehumidifier

Portable small to medium size industrial desiccant dehumidifiers

Our small to medium range of industrial desiccant dehumidifiers are also available in a robust transportation frame with heavy duty castors. This allows users to easily deploy and position units without the need for mechanical assistance. Available in airflows ranging from 450 m³/h to 3,000 m³/h.

Typical applications that benefit from temporary desiccant dehumidifiers


Humidity control during tank refurbishment

During tank refurbishment, clean dry air is required to ensure prepared surfaces are not subject to corrosion and that they are maintained at the optimal relative humidity during painting and curing.

temporary building

Humidity control within temporary structures

The use of temporary desiccant dehumidification systems is an ideal way of preparing a temporary structure to house a variety of products and materials.


The use of desiccant dehumidifiers for flood damaged building drying

The basic principle of achieving successful drying building is to create sufficient warm air movement within a space, whilst maintaining a constant relative humidity of 30 to 35%.