Engineered for efficiency

DRYAIR is a proud member of the Desiccant Technologies Group of companies.

Working in partnership we help provide the environments required for your product or process.

Our Services

surveys and consultation

Site surveys and consultation

We believe in engaging with our clients to find the optimal solution for their needs.

After initial contact is made, we recommend a consultation over the phone, this helps us to better understand your exact requirements. Site surveys are also available as part of the consultation process.

Our team of engineers will then provide you with your optimal solution. The solutions we provide are backed up with open and transparent information that are founded upon our sound practical understanding of HVAC and in-depth knowledge of psychometrics.

temporary humidity control

Temporary humidity control

For a variety of reasons many clients only require temporary humidity control.

Examples are;

  • Seasonal humidity control in order to maintain production in the humid months.
  • Irregular maintenance activities that benefit the supply of dry air, for example tank refurbishment.
  • Cost/benefit analysis, clients often prefer to run trials before committing to a permanent installation.

In order to realise the benefits of humidity control we are able to supply a range of temporary humidity control equipment for both short and long term rental.

after sales support services

After sales support services

The founding principles of Dryair is that support should be available to clients from concept of design, through the full life cycle of their equipment.

For after sales support we offer competitive spare parts, technical support via phone, or in person via the various service level agreements we have available.

These can be tailored to meet the individual clients needs and budgets.

What we believe…

  • We believe in providing our clients with the very best support. Working together, in partnership, we strive to provide transparent solutions that are grounded in our in-depth knowledge of psychrometric design principles and extensive experience that has been gained through working across a wide application base.
  • Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with our clients. The key component of this is the high level of support we provide; this is from the point of initial concept and continues throughout the equipment’s operational life.
  • Quality and longevity, the key focus for Dryair and the Desiccant Technologies Group. Our aim is to provide solutions that are engineered for efficiency and built to last.
  • Through life cycle value, ultimately every piece of equipment will require replacement parts along its life cycle, when this does happen, we believe in supporting our customers through affordable spares within the quickest possible time frame to ensure any downtime is minimised.