Dehumidification In Cold Stores

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Humidity Control in Cold Storage Facilities

Desiccant Dehumidification In Cold Stores

Improve the safety and efficiency of your cold store with a cold storage dehumidifier.

Excessive ice build-up within cold stores presents a variety of challenges to operators.

Cold storage dehumidifier systems utilise desiccant dehumidification as this provides the best solution to solve the common problems associated with cold storage chambers.

The most efficient method is to dry the air prior to being drawn into the chamber, this is achieved through using the dehumidifier to reduce the humidity levels within the airlock, then targeting the distribution of dry air above the entry of the cold store. As the cold dense air flows out of the bottom section of the door the dehumidified air is drawn into the top half, to ensure the best results the air being drawn in should be as close as possible to the dewpoint of the air within the cold storage area.

Attempting to dry the air once inside the chamber is highly inefficient and should be avoided.

Industrial Cold Store dehumidifier system
Industrial Cold Store dehumidifier system The MDC4000-8000 Range is ideally suited to provide effective ice prevention in cold stores

Our solution leads to;

  • Reduction in health and safety issues commonly found within cold storage facilities such as human and machinery slip hazards and ice falling from ceilings
  • Improved visibility at entrances through a reduction in mist and fog
  • Bar code on pallets not being obscured by frost
  • Reduction in product loss from frost damage
  • Maintaining of evaporator efficiency by reducing moisture freezing on coils leading to energy savings and the reduction in evaporator defrost cycles required. This in turn maintains a more stable temperature within the chambers
  • Reduced need for costly ice removal maintenance activities