Humidity Control Design

Designed around your needs

We offer bespoke, turnkey packages for battery dry rooms in conjunction with our trusted partners. We can work with you from initial concept, through design and delivery to ensure the end result meets your needs. On completion, we offer through life cycle support in the form of maintenance packages and technical support.

What is the best dehumidifier for my application?

Its the first question we are asked. “Which dehumidifier do I need?”. The answer is simple, its the one that has enough capacity to meet your needs. Below is the simple steps we take in choosing the right dehumidifier to meet your needs.

Achieving effective air humidity control with a dehumidifier.

There are multiple factors that need to be taken into account when sizing an appropriate dehumidifier for the purpose of air humidity. To ensure the dehumidifier will meet the requirements, it is important to understand the room/process and the operational window so they can be matched with a corresponding system. Understanding any future requirements that will lead to an increase in latent load is also an important consideration as allowances can be made early on in the design process to ensure these future requirements can be met without incurring additional costs at a later point.

The key to successful outcome is taking the time to understand the room or process. In many cases critical processes that are highly susceptible to uncontrolled airborne moisture and sit within a larger facility can be compartmentalised, reducing the overall footprint of the area requiring precise humidity control.

The focus should always be around achieving the most efficient outcome that ensures the projects success.

How to establish the optimal air humidity control solution?

  • Establish ambient design based upon ASHREA Data
  • Determine OPTIMAL target room condiiton – relative Humidity / dewpoint
  • Ascertain room moisture loads
  • Establish criticality and impact on downtime to determine if a N+1 solution is required
  • Investigate if area size can be optimised

Integration of industrial dehumidifiers

Part of our design service is to offer advice on how best to incorporate our desiccant dehumidifiers into your facility. We believe this method of collaboration helps to ensure every project is a success.

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