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Commercial and Industrial Dehumidifiers

Many people ask us what is the difference between industrial and commercial dehumidifiers and the common domestic type.

What is a dehumidifier?

Dehumidifiers are pieces of equipment that are designed to remove the moisture out of indoor air. They are used in areas where high levels of humidity would damage product, they are also vital in places where pollutants, allergens and bacteria often develop… Dehumidifiers are available in both domestic and commercial/industrial types.

Industrial desiccant dehumidifier

What is an Industrial dehumidifier?

Industrial dehumidifiers are very different to off the shelf domestic type, in that they are generally constructed to be more robust and suitable for operation in commercial and industrial settings, in addition many are able to be adapted to meet full environmental control such as filtration, cooling and heating.

Industrial dehumidifiers are available in a broad capacity range for use across a variety of sectors, dehumidifiers come in two main types, the first is the desiccant dehumidifier type that uses a slowly rotating cylinder of silica gel impregnated into a ceramic substrate, this dries air that is passed through it, by the process of adsorption. Desiccant dehumidifiers are able to achieve very low dewpoints that other dehumidifier types can not. Desiccant dehumidifiers are ideally suited to operate in the following range Minus 30°Cdb to Plus 25°Cdb. Humidity levels down to 0.1% relative humidity can be achieved with multi rotor variants, making them ideal for low dewpoint projects or applications at low temperatures.

Condensation type dehumidifiers that utilise cooling is the most common type of industrial dehumidifier and use cooling to remove moisture from the air. Condensation type dehumidifiers are recommended to be used on applications where low humidity levels are not required, they are ideally suited to operate in the following range of 20.0°Cdb (50%-100% RH) to 40.0°Cdb (20-100% RH)

Domestic dehumidifier
Domestic dehumidifier

What is a Domestic dehumidifier?

Domestic dehumidifiers are electronical appliances that suck moisture out of indoor air. They are commonly used in areas of the home with high levels of humidity, places where pollutants, allergens and bacteria often develop. This type of dehumidifier is available in both condensation and desiccant type, however is only suited to home use due to low moisture removal capacities and construction.

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How to select a dehumidifier?

Careful consideration is required when selecting a dehumidifier to ensure the correct equipment is chosen. The DRYAIR team are available to assist in this process, giving you the peace of mind that your investment will perform as expected.

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